Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion by Rusty Thomas



Rusty’s book is a must-read for anyone wanting a clear concrete road map to abolish legalized abortion! It is not just abstract theory but rather a phenomenal practical comprehensive applied handbook and reference guide for the battle to end abortion. Rusty gives an incredibly detailed history and present backdrop of abortion, clear direct vision, and detailed short- and long-term strategy going forward on how to explicitly, biblically, effectively, abolish abortion and why we should do so from God’s perspective and not men.

This book bleeds from a very faithful man of God of great depth of wisdom and character, distilled from many years of deep trials, tribulations, tears, heartbreak, experience, study, and deep personal sacrifice in the battle to abolish abortion. He addresses how God sees the situation, what He expects of us, the church, and how to engage. He details out the surprising enemies of abolition. He addresses questions, objections, in almost every conceivable way and in relation to all arenas. Rusty does a masterful job of weaving the tapestry, and I know of absolutely no one more qualified to speak on the subject!


John Jacob, Indiana State Representative