The Infanticide must not leave us cold

The mass infanticide that is currently taking place in the world and specifically in South Africa (approximately 2.5 million children since 1997) cannot and must not leave believers in South Africa neutral and numb. The children who are killed in the womb by medical procedures, medical pills or medical devices are strongly condemned against God.

This condemnation of God on the sin of infanticide naturally gives a wonderful opportunity to tell people the good news about Jesus. Because it is Jesus who also paid for the sin of infanticide on the cross. There is always forgiveness with Jesus for those who turn to Him and believe that He died for all their sins (1 Pet 3:18).

How do we know that children from conception, when the sperm and egg form a new life, are fully human? In Psalm 51:7 we learn that every person is conceived in sin. Yet it is only people who have sin and who can commit sin, therefore every life in the womb is a full human being at conception.

Furthermore, God forbids in the sixth commandment that people, and therefore children, be killed. The mother who kills her child is guilty of murder, as is the father, doctor or any other person who helps to kill the child.

The purpose of End Abortion is to educate people about this evil that is happening under our noses, and even in the church. There is a lot of ignorance about what the Scriptures teach about abortion.

May the church of our Lord Jesus Christ stand up with a clear voice against this evil practice of sacrificing children to Moloch (Lev 18:21). And may believers practice the true religion that helps the orphans in their need (James 1:27). Yes, the children who are rejected by their parents to be killed are in fact orphans.

May the Lord be merciful